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Compatibility list Carbunkle

(Not really up to date.)

This is a list of some games that have problems with GEST.
I've tested the emulator with over 3000 games and demos.
See also: GEST - missing features and KiGB compatibility list.

NOTE: I haven' tested these games on a real GB/GBC/SGB.
Color key: Unplayable, Serious, Minor, A bug/fault in the game?
Screen ShotGame NameProblem
8-in-1 (Sachen)(Unl)"Sky Ace" and "Explosive" cause an undefined opcode error. "Flea War" freezes.
Aqueous Demo (PD)Sound missing.
Bardigun (J) [C][!]Unplayable. Uses Barcode reader.
Battle of Olympos (UE)Sprites flash in old position when player enters door.
Daffy Duck - The Marvin Missions (UE)[S][!]SGB color problems in title screen.
Demotronic Final Demo (PD)[C]"Demotronic trick" not supported.
Dimensionless Sample (PD)Freezes.
Dino's Quest (Unl)(Beta)Graphics problems. Missing background in GB mode.
Dragon Ball Z Goku Hishouden (J)[S]Color problems in SGB mode.
Dragon Ball Z Goku 2 (J)[S]Color problems in SGB mode.
Gameboy CameraCamera features not supported :)
Interrupts Demo (PD)Graphics trash.
Killer Instinct (U)[S][!]Flashing line.
Mobile Trainer (J)[C][!]Requires Mobile Adapter GB.
Momotarou Collection 2 (J)[S]Most likely a bad dump?
Nettou King of Fighters '97 (J)[S][p1]Sometimes freezes?
Prehistorik ManText effects don't work.
Space Invaders '94 (U)[S][!]Arcade mode not supported (requires SNES CPU emulation).
Sonic the Hedgehog Demo (PD)[C]Black squares in Sonic sprite.
Tamagotchi 3 (J)[S]Saving and RTC don't work.
Telefang / Pokemon Diamond (Unl)Title doesn't show in GB mode. Screen is white in SGB mode.
Vattle Guice (J)[!]Wrong in-game sprite colors???
Zelda Shi Kong Zhi Zhang (Encrypted)(Unl)[C]Doesn't work. Seems to be based on Digimon 3? (Encrypted?)
Zok Zok Heroes (J)[C]This game uses a special controller "Furu Changer" (or is it "Full Changer"?). Is there a way to play this without the controller?

(PD) = Public Domain
[C] = GBC features 
[S] = SGB features 
[!] = verified good dump 
[p] = pirate 
[h] = hack 
(Unl) = Unlicensed