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GEST v1.1.1

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06.01.2011Version 1.1.1
A small update.

What's new in v1.1.1:
-sprite priority fix (Megaman 3, Gargoyle's Quest)
05.12.2010Version 1.1
So, the last one wasn't the final version. (But this one might be :P)

What's new in v1.1:
-added "mix more frames in GB mode" option
-added option to load GB1 battery save to GB2
-added save state support for GB2
-added option to select slower autofire speeds
-non-GBC game color palette switching works for GB2
-GEST won't create empty battery save files anymore
-fixed Worms Armageddon freezing
-fixed Samurai Showdown (and maybe others) sound stuttering
-few other minor fixes and changes
-tried to reduce cpu usage further (hopefully there won't be sound problems)
-removed a useless video filter
21.12.2009Version 1.0 (final?)
Though no one probably cares, here's an update.
This was mainly to fix the random speed up bug but I also ended up adding a few new features.
I also put the old site partly back up.

What's new in v1.0:
-fixed random speedup bug 
-fixed GBC with initial SGB border not working
-fix for King of Fighters 97 and Real Bout Special SGB mode
-somewhat better double gb emulation
-added simple IR link emulation
-added option to reduce CPU usage
-added option to allow opposite direction buttons to be pressed at the same time
-added option to disable visual rumble
-added autofire start and select buttons
-added GB2 soft reset
-added option to load same rom to GB2 that's in GB1
-new config file format

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